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If you own a gym or multiple gym locations or studios and you only have fitness equipment and showers then you are missing a critical piece to the health and wellness puzzle. Granted we’re not trying to turn the rough and tumble heavy lifting gym into a nice little day spa and retreat but even the heavy lifters and the strongest men need to take care of their bodies to actively recover.

If you own a gym and it has a sauna ask yourself why wouldn’t you also include a cold plunge tub for a major added benefit to your customers?

Utilizing hot and cold therapy is a time tested way to allow athletes to adapt and prepare for changing circumstances because the temperatures that trigger a reaction in the body cause sweat or goose bumps so that your body better acclimatizes to that environment.

If you have a sauna there’s a high chance that you have enough space to put in the cold plunge tub for your customers, this will add an entirely new feature that you can market and advertise to re- engage customers that haven’t been coming to the gym. There is also the benefit of getting the cutting edge thing that is being talked about that’s going to be a long lasting feature and selling point for new customers.

With Ion Wellness you’ll be able to purchase a high end cold plunge tub or have us come out to your location to offer a one time pop-up experience for your guests, which can be a very fun and exciting way to engage your clientele.

It’s time that your gym steps up to offer the latest in cold immersion therapy. Today’s the day to make the investment in a cold plunge tub for your gym. Reach out to for more information

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