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“Ever since this Shelter-In-Place began, I have noticed my muscles are much tighter and my body all around feels much more stiff because my movement has been more restricted at home. I love using my IonWellness Acupressure Mat in the mornings before I begin working from home and during my breaks to alleviate this tightness and get more blood flowing to my muscles.”IonWellness Customer

What does working from home mean for your body? It means you most likely do not have access to the most ideal workspace. You may be working from your couch, lazy boy chair and maybe even your bed. When you are remaining stagnant or sitting at your dining room table trying to work for long periods of time, you may begin to notice things like back pain, hip tightness, neck aches and joint stiffness. Your legs may go numb from sitting in that Ikea chair that, while it may seem ergonomic, is not made for an 8 hour work day.

To keep your body feeling it’s best, it is essential that you listen to what makes it feel that way; cater to it’s needs. A huge need, especially now, is keeping your muscles loose and getting blood flowing. Our bodies do not respond well to sitting still for hours on end. To combat the affects on your body due to working from home, we recommend staying active and getting outdoors whenever possible, stretching, and using the IonWellness Acupressure Mat.

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