Cup Yeah

The ReCup mobile recovery tool takes the pain out of traditional cupping therapy and gives you the power, with the new cordless hands free design you won't want to go anywhere without it.


Naturally Relieve Muscle Tension

Find deep relaxation whenever you want with the portable and lightweight acupressure mat.

Active Recovery Made Easy



How to Use

Sit On It

Sit on the mat anywhere that you would normally sit down – whether on a chair, while driving or on the couch to have the mat function as a cushion to facilitate blood flow to your legs.

Stand On It

Stand on the mat to start your morning off on the right foot to activate the vital energy channels in your body through this critical reflex zone. Massaging your feet’s pressure points is good for your health.

Lay On It

Lay on the mat before bedtime to have the best night’s rest that you have had in awhile. The acupoints relax the muscles in the back and neck to allow your body to sink into a truly relaxed state.


We partnered with One Tree Planted to help offset the impact that is left by our use of the materials provided from the earth which are needed to produce our products. Staying healthy isn't just an individual pursuit, but one that involves a world that is in alignment with nature. Plus we love running through the trees! The current acupressure mats are made out of cotton and have a foam filler, with abs plastic acupressure spikes - which, quite frankly isn't ideal, but the plastic is applied using eco-friendly, heat press technology instead of glue. Our goal is to use 90% sustainable materials by 2020 by utilizing reclaimed textiles and eco-friendly fibers in each one of the acupressure mats. We aren't there yet, but supporting Ion Wellness means you are supporting a healthy ecosystem. Each purchase will help us plant a tree in the Philippines.

This thing is legit!


I fell asleep on the mat last night and had the best sleep of my entire life!!! I'm so in love with it 🙂


Take the pain at the beginning! It's worth it!


The Ion Wellness Acupressure Mat

There for you when you need it.


To increase blood flow while releasing muscle tension simply use the Ion Wellness Acupressure Mat before bed for just 10 minutes each night. The 7,992 acupressure points are positioned in a way that targets core muscles in your neck and back for active recovery and deep relaxation.


+ ACTIVE RECOVERY FOR ATHLETES. Perfect for active individuals and athletes who run, bike, swim, golf, lift weights, workout or practice yoga to stimulate a healthy blood flow throughout your entire body.

+ DEEP RELAXATION THAT IMPROVES SLEEP. Softens the tension in muscles. Studies have found that sleep was improved significantly following acupressure treatments.

+ NATURAL PAIN RELIEF & ECO FRIENDLY. Natural form of pain relief. Acupuncture is with needles that pierce the skin, acupressure is non-invasive with manual pressure used to massage the body’s acupoints. Use of an acupressure mat is found to have little or no side effects.

Your body will thank you.

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