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What advantage do you offer over your competitors?

It’s about service and dedication to serve athletes that makes us stand out above the competition. We offer a 30 – day money back guarantee and a commitment towards innovation and sustainability. The acupressure mats that are currently sold are indeed alike other existing competitor’s products, and no we did not create the mat and we did not invent the idea of acupressure but we plan on being the company that you can trust to deliver what you need to aid in your active recovery. Simply put: the mats work. You can buy acupressure mats from other brands for less money or more money, the option is yours. The bells and whistles may come, but at the end of the day we want to get this solution out to as many people as possible to help ease pain and increase blood flow. Choose Ion Wellness because we are athletes ourselves, we are based in the United States and provide service around the mats with plans to extend the benefits of acupressure and active recovery to athletes everywhere.

Can you remove the foam and wash the covers of the mat and pillow?

Just throw it in the tub, both mat and foam together along with some liquid body soap and let it wash itself. Then let it air dry on the side of the tub.

How does the acupressure mat relate to Chiropractic?

It does not directly relate to the chiropractic practice as it does not effect alignment but it does help improve blood flow and increase energy levels. It is an at home solution that is along the same lines as a foam roller that helps relieve muscle tension.

Can the pillow be used for your lumbar section as well?

Yes, you can use it for lumbar support and people tend to use the “pillow” by itself for this use.