Cold Plunge Tub


Minimum temperature: Chiller has a temperature set point of 39F, but realistically it sits around 40-41F.

Material: Kiln Dried Redwood that is prepared using the Japanese preservation method of  Shou Sugi Ban. The final layer of protection is beeswax applied directly to the areas of water contact.

Ozone Sanitation: Eliminates a wide variety of inorganic, organic and microbiological to keep the water clean.

20 Micron Filter: Removes dirt, debris, and other microscopic particles from the water.

Efficient & Affordable: Foam insulated and efficient, so it can keep your water cold at an affordable rate.

Cooling Speed: 3 degrees per hour. Cooling from 74 degree water to 40 degrees takes approximately 12 hours.

Warranty: 1-Year Warranty (Manufacturer warranty is null and void when this product is used for commercial use).


In collaboration with Breathe Degrees

Are you having trouble starting your day off with enough energy? Do you wish you had a type of vitality where you feel so refreshed and clear headed that you can easily accomplish everything on your agenda, without a significant depletion of energy? We have all experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed with the tension and stress that is attached to the achievement of big goals. Through this lens of seeking ways to increase energy is how we discovered cold therapy and the benefits of cold plunging on a daily basis. In our research for cold plunge tubs there were many unstable, plastic options or large, over-engineered tubs. Luckily, we found the nearby artisans at Breathe Degrees. This At Home Cold Plunge Tub is not only finely crafted, it is worth every investment to get a product that is well made and reliable for long term use. We believe in the benefits of cold plunging so much that if you try our At Home Cold Plunge Tub for 30 days and it does not change your life for the better, help you feel more calm, and give you more clarity and energy in your daily life we will come pick it up.

The finest cold tub on the market for cold immersion therapy.


Cold Plunge Tub Features

Built from Kiln fired Redwood and pressure-treated lumber. The Redwood is finished in the Japanese style of “shou-sugi-ban”, a traditional method of protecting and preserving the wood which looks amazing and allows for varying finishes so no two tubs are the same. Each piece of wood is burnt, scrapped clean, burnt again, and wire brushed to expose the lighter wood underneath. It is then double-stained and sealed with an outer coat to give it maximum protection. This is a labor-intensive process and is what creates such value in our tubs.

Dimensions & Installation 

Exterior Dimensions (LWH): 64” x 34” x 35”

Tank Dimensions (LWH): 36” x 24” x 30”

Tank Volume: 103 Gallons

Power Usage: 350-500 Watts @ 3-5 Amps

Outlet required: Electrical outlet must be a dedicated 110 volt/15 amp GFCI protected outlet.

Place the tub on a flat surface inside or outside. The At Home Cold Plunge Tub weighs 400 lbs. empty and 800 lbs. full of water. If you’re placing it on a deck or balcony, make sure it can support the weight. The At Home Cold Plunge Tub should be at least 16 inches from one wall or obstruction on the side of the grate for proper air flow and circulation.


Water chiller has an air filter that needs to be cleaned bi monthly and can be washed and recycled. The recommended replacement of water would be every 1 every 6 months. The best and easiest way to drain the tub would be to buy a sump pump. Use very small amounts of chlorine, as needed, post-use. 1-2 teaspoons 2-3 times per week.  The micron should be changed at least once a month if not bimonthly. Commercial-use filters may be changed as much as twice a week or more.


Can the cold tub operate in freezing temperatures? 

DO NOT run the Cold Plunge in freezing temperatures that last longer than 1-3 days as this will allow the water to go below 40 degrees damaging the chiller.

What’s the maximum operating temperature? 

Max outdoor operating temperature is 100 F.

I’m a large person, will I fit?

We have a retired professional basketball player who is 6’ 7” and uses the tub everyday comfortably.

Do I need to change the water? 

Although it’s not required due to the filtration system – we recommend replacing the water every 6 months. Rinsing off before entering the tub is also a good idea to keep the water cleaner for longer.

Can I put it inside or outside? 

Yes, it’s designed for both! If you install it inside it’s advised to have a ventilation fan to remove excess humidity from the room and dissipate any odor from chlorine and the ozone generator. If you put it outside providing shade from bright sun and heat will allow the tub to work more efficiently.

$300 outdoor protection cover (optional).

How does delivery work?

Curbside delivery is included in the price. We will call you to set-up a delivery date and time.

Size is approx. 64”L x 34 “ W x 35”H

•Weight is around 400 lbs.

•Takes approximately 60 gallons of water in the tub.

•The Tub is high-density polyurethane that we had made for us.

•Size of the tub compartment are 36L * 24W *30H.

Check out the Owner’s Manual

The cold tub has been life changing. After using this thing everyday for about a year I'm finding myself way less beat up after long runs and I've got a lot better mental focus through my day. Love the ascetic of the wood that they did for these. It looks great on my back deck. Couldn't be more happy with it.

Sean C.Verified Customer


• Increased energy and focus

• Increased endurance

• Boost to immune and cardiovascular system

• Increased alkalinity – higher blood ph balance

• Pain reduction – decreased inflammation

• Sports performance enhancement

• Improved recovery time – achieved physical goals in a shorter time frame

• Reduction in stress anxiety and depression

Ships free to anywhere in the mainland United States.

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